Agyness Deyn: Title A

Agyness Deyn, sister Emily and Tracey Moore have released the highly anticipated ‘Title A’ collection.

Inspired by feminism, menswear and her own personal style, Agyness and her team have created a collection with a bold style. Obviously androgynous but refreshingly feminine at the same time, the mixture of sharp lines and feminine cuts inspire an undeniable confidence and sultry sophistication.

The collection has a minimal, tailored feel to it without being stuffy or dull.

It’s a bit pricey, the Greatcoat being $655 and slightly more masculine than my own personal taste but remains a refreshing change of direction in the clothing market. Androgyny is on its way back!

Can I get a “Hurrah!”?

Girls, lets grab our DM’s and our big collared coats and forget the pink dresses (For a night at least?)

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Items featured:
Black Dobby Classic Dress Shirt $210
Navy Chesterfield $450
Black Hooded Raincoat $349

Androgyny Design


Hand crafted jewellery from Androgyny Design.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Mars Necklace ($32.00) and the Cosmic Quartz Necklace ($20.00)
They’re a bargain and they’re drop dead gorgeous. 

Beautifully simple but at the same time complex.
The perfect mix of different colours, textures and weights make these necklaces a go-to for the only accessory you’ll need on that day. 

Here’s what Androgyny Design have to say: 

“A line of unisex jewellery designed by a MR. and a MRS.
Each piece is a little of him and a little of her.
She works in fashion, he works in film. 
Their love of unexpected beauty is what brings them together. 

Hand crafted in-house in our Los Angeles studio, no two items are exactly the same, and the imperfections give character to our unique collection.” 

Not only brilliantly designed products but a pleasure to do business with. 
I will definitely be going back for more!



Challenge 6. Let it snow.

Challenge 6. Let it snow.


I think about winter A LOT
The layers, the accessories, the coats!
I made this in the winter, caught it on my polyvore after a while and started dreaming about the snow. 
Thought I’d share the winter outfits love


Who is YOUR style Icon?

Lots of us remember someone that had an impact on our style growing up.
For me it was Agyness Deyn.
She was on just about every magazine and I remember thinking she was the coolest girl on earth. Her short hair and the fact she could wear boy’s clothes and get away with it was a breath of fresh air from the usual supermodel type that I had already felt disconnected to growing up.

I wanted to find out who your style icon was and why.
Was it the short hair?
That one photo shoot you saw in the magazine?
Have they got a kick *** attitude that you can’t resist keeping up to date with?
And what makes a style icon, such an icon?

I stumbled across this Buzzfeed article and WOW, you need to take a look.
When they say stunning, they aren’t kidding.

If you didn’t already have a style icon, you may well find one in this list!
Enjoy and if you have any veiws to share, please do!


8 Stunningly Beautiful Androgynous Models – Buzzfeed