CK One Shock
For him
Calvin Klein 

I’m a girl yes.
Do I like the smell of men’s cologne? Also, Yes. 

What would any girl that loved men’s cologne do if she didn’t have a guy to borrow from? Buy for herself of course. 

Smells are a powerful thing and this cologne is no exception. 

It’s delicate, yet bold.
Fresh, yet heavy.
Almost the perfect mix of masculinity and delicacy. 

There are hints of cucumber, citrus fruits and black pepper, all brought together by a deep woody fragrance. 

I would say, girls if you want to use this, use very little. It’s sticks for a couple of hours and can be overpowering. I find one or two sprays is enough.
It’s settles in beautifully after about 20 minutes into a much more subtle smell.

The mix of moods in this cologne make it very versatile. Perfect for a night out, formal events or any time you want to stand out with a head turning fragrance. 

It’s an empowering thing to wear a men’s cologne with confidence. 
Smells have the power to change your mood, your confidence, the way you hold yourself. 
I would recommend this for the guys, and girls, if you’re feeling confident, take a trip to the perfume shop, take a sample and see what you think. 

Just own it!


Stressed but well dressed

stressed 2




stressed by well dressed

 Stressed  | Well dressed
Clutch – Zara
Blazer – River Island

Scarf – Primark

This clutch is great when you need to smarten up your look from being a bit more casual.
Zara always has a nice selection of bags and the designs are very minimal and clean.
The men’s section is great too, if you’re looking for a slightly larger bag!
They’re a bit more expensive than some of the other high street stores but I would say its definitely worth it, not only for the design but the quality of the bag.

A bag is the ultimate accessory!

I like to wear boy’s clothes.





So as usual, I ended up in the men’s section.
Topman (of course) and River Island this time too.
Both stores have long length men’s t shirts stocked now and it’s really worth a look around.

The top in the pictures is a men’s extra small from River Island.
It has a mirrored triangle design, with the bottom half being an almost faux leather material, being the extra long length it can double up as a dress.
It looks great with some leggings/jeans and a pair of boots, or slip ons if you want to stay a bit cooler in the summer.

The watch, double ring, skull necklace and beanie are from Topman.
As usual there was a nice selection of jewellery and it doesn’t hurt that it’s sale time! (Hurrahhhh!)
Now I just have to try and keep myself away ;)

Topman day.






 Topman t-shirt (Men’s small)
Square watch
Stone set pendant necklace

Don’t be intimidated by the men’s stores! There are a lot of items that girls can wear and get away with.
The t shirt is a men’s small and at 5’4 it doubles up as a dress for me. The material drapes beautifully and is light enough for a hot day out.
The jewellery and watches in Topman are minimal and simple but smart at the same time.
Shopping in the men’s section is a simple but effective way to reduce the bling that a lot of  highstreet women’s brands create.

Go and explore, open up your wardrobe


What’s in your bag today?

What's in your bag today?

Who doesn’t love a peek inside someone else’s bag?

My daily essentials  for a busy day moving around the city:

Canon EOS 3000 film camera
Dior palette
Large notebook – Moleskine
Small notebook – Sainsburys
Wallet – Tie Rack
Voss bottled water
Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso
CK one Shock – For him
L’Oréal – Color Riche – Nude
MASJLondon contact cards & case
Grey beanie – Topshop
Black rucksack – Primark