Zara Man – Rucksacks – Top 3




Zara is where I go to dream.
Be it the women’s or the men’s.
One thing I’ve noticed is that Zara Man have a beautiful selection of bags.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at some casual (but beautifully smart at the same time) pieces.

So here is my top 3 pick of Zara rucksacks:

Rubberised rucksack – £39.99

Fabric backpack – £39.99

Minimalist rucksack with hand strap – £39.99

The minimal design and the fabrics they use create elegant, classic bags.
The quality is (from my experience with the bags) great.
You don’t have to lose style wearing a rucksack, you just have to find the right one for you.

Hope you like the look of these beauties!
Happy Tuesday :)

Topman Top Picks – Watches



Topman – Watches

Topman is great for watches. Ranging from £15 – £25, they’re a bargain, good quality (I’ve owned a few for over a year and they’re still perfect) and they’re gorgeous!

Textured smart leather watch – £20.00

It’s simple but beautiful. Devoid of any colours except the ticking hands which stand out as bright blue.
No numbers and no logos mean it stays true in all forms to its minimal feel.
Comfortable and modern.

Square rubber strap watch – £18.00

Completely black and silver, this watch has a darker but still minimal feel.
The square body makes it perfect for smarter occasions and the black makes it easy to pair with just about any outfit.
Having a rubber strap makes for a comfortable wear and again, the lack of logos or numbers adds to the simple and modern feel.

It’s always good to shop around for your bargain accessory finds. There are accessories that men can wear in the women’s section and vice versa, you’ve just got to look!

Happy exploring :)

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Zara Man – Coats – Our Top 3

zara zara2 zara 3

So. Winter is almost here in the UK, so I thought it was about time to start picking a winter coat. As for half of my wardrobe, I shop in the men’s section for my coats. I’ve picked my top 3 from Zara Man.

Number 1:  Wool coat: £159.00

The collar on this coat is, for lack of a descriptive enough word, magnificent. If you’re looking for a jacket to keep you warm and make a statement at the same time, you might want to try the big collar. It’s been a lasting feature on Burberry’s coats, but Zara is far more affordable. The length of the coat is perfect for Winter too. No more cold waist!

Number 2: Felt Coat: £79.99

This coat has a more casual feel to it, without losing the classic style. The length, again, is long enough to keep you warm in the cold. An everyday coat for the busy city dweller.

Number 3:  Straight trenchcoat: £129.00

The trenchcoat. A classic, smart and versatile jacket. The length is guaranteed to keep you warm in the ice and snow. The minimal, straight cut of this coat make it a must have for work, business or even a smart night out. Styled with a pair of shiny shiny shoes, a shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans, you’re ready for anything.

I don’t think I’ll have to look much further than Zara Man for my winter coat <3

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Faux, faux, faux.
There’s nothing like a fluffy scarf to keep you warm on a chilly day.
Winter is coming for us lot in the UK, brace yourselves.
Enjoy the last few days of sun before the ice and the rain starts to make an appearance.

So here’s my outfit today.

Blazer/ring – Topshop
Scarf – Ebay
Shirt – River Island
Casio gold watch

Remember to wrap up, keep warm and keep well! :)

The LLJ- The Little Leather Jacket



The little leather jacket!
Now, I count the LLJ as a must have in my wardrobe.
It’s great for every occasion, paired with a t-shirt it’s casual and comfortable.
Paired with a shirt, it transforms into a pretty smart item of clothing.
I always like to get a size bigger than I normally wear, just to make sure I can put a jumper underneath when it starts to get a bit chilly.

Try out the LLJ, it’s versatile, comfortable and adds a bit of punk to your style.

Jacket – Goldie London
Shirt – Primark
Rings – Primark